About Jeweled Daze and Paparazzi Accessories

I am Tina Stapleton, a Paparazzi Independent Consultant. Paparazzi Accessories is a direct sales company that offers fun, fashionable, trendy costume jewelry at an affordable price. For any questions you may have please email me at tina@jeweled-daze.com.

Paparazzi Accessories was started by two sisters and their husbands because of their passion for fashion accessories. Prior to building the Paparazzi Accessories empire, they made accessories by hand and would sell the items at events. They had such positive feedback that women could feel great about how they looked without spending a lot of money on accessories. Later they decided to expand the company so that other families could empower women and men to make money from home, too.

Fast forward and Paparazzi has grown in leaps and bound to what it is today. Paparazzi Accessories is not only amazing because of the $5 price tag, it can be worn by many people, including those that haven't worn jewelry in the past due to metal sensitivities.

Paparazzi Accessories doesn't offer a catalog, but you can purchase the jewelry directly from Jeweled Daze! New jewelry is released for purchase every Monday-Friday - HOW COOL IS THAT? The jewelry is limited in quantity and once it sells out, it is usually no longer available. Because the available jewelry changes quickly, there is no need for a catalog. Be sure to grab what you want when you see it! Otherwise, you may miss out.

There are a few pieces known as Blockbusters and if I do not have the item you'd like to purchase in my home inventory, they are available on the Paparazzi Accessories website which you can access from here. These are best-selling popular pieces. Unlike new releases, as Blockbusters sell out they are restocked. Follow the link below to check out all of the Blockbuster items.  The link will take you to all Categories and from there select Blockbuster. You can also shop for any of the items the the Categories shown as these items would be in stock and have yet sold out.

Click here to go to Categories and then select Blockbusters